PCB Connect is a company with worldwide business in Printed Circuit Boards, different cultures, laws, and opinions are part of our day. Through our business we have been given a great position to be part of and able to make a difference.

We have taken a stance of policy and decided that we will, with the scope of our work, do what we can in the social development.

As a first step we have developed our code of conduct. As a second step we have started to implement this in our process for supplier evaluation, collaboration and follow up.


The purpose with PCB Connects Code of Conduct is to support fair employments, safe working conditions, to prevent discrimination and take responsibility for environmental issues. Our Code of Conduct is expected to be understood and respected within our supply chain, our suppliers including their subcontractors, PCB Connect and partners worldwide.

It is our supplier’s responsibility to ensure that their subcontractors and employees are informed about and comply with our code of conducts.

All partners are expected to follow relevant laws, regulations and standard in the country of which they operate.