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As a global business, PCB Connect is responsible for understanding environmental challenges and being proactive in doing our part to care for the global environment.

We started our environmental work in 2007, and since 2008, we have been certified according to ISO 14001. Becoming certified with ISO 14001 has led us to evaluate every aspect of our business and to challenge ourselves and our extended supply chain to make impactful environmental changes.

Every year we evaluate our work and plan for future improvements. Our environmental work and performance are documented in our yearly environmental report, including information about our work, impact, and plans.

Environmental Impact

In our environmental work, we follow a PDCA process involving not only our work but also our suppliers and, if we can also, our customers:

Logistics Network

Logistics & Environment

We are well aware about our own as well as transportations effect on the environment. And we know that we all must take responsibility and be aware of this. That is why we have decided that we can make a difference.

At an early stage in our environmental work we defined transportation as one of our significant environmental aspects. During 2009 we started analyzing our transportation flow and have determined our emission of CO² for our whole logistical process.

This has resulted in a great awareness about where we can improve, and where we have the greatest possibility to make a difference!


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