Jun 2022

PCB Connect moves to the China Merchants Qianhai Economic and Trade Center

We´re moving offices!

We are pleased to announce that we will be moving to China Merchants Qianhai Economic and Trade Center in Nanshan District.

We move on June 27 2022.

Julia Zhou – Managing Director of PCB Connect China

Qianhai has the unique geographical advantage of “relying on Hong Kong, serving the mainland, and facing the world”, which is undoubtedly benficial to both us and our customers.

The new office environment will bring a new working atmosphere for employees and also facilitate our business partners.

Cailian Xu – Customer Service Manager of China Merchants Qianhai International Center:

“Welcome PCB Connect to China Merchants Qianhai International Center. As a world-class global electronic product supplier, PCB Connect has provided our region with global electronic manufacturing expertise and a high-tech electronic ecological industry chain. We are very happy to develop together with PCB Connect.”

You are most welcome to visit us.

Room 901, Block B, Phase I, China Merchants Qianhai Economic and Trade Center,

Nanshan District, Shenzen. 518051, China