PCB Connect shall be your obvious choice for your printed circuit boards. We are highly qualified and experienced and partner with our customers in the entire purchasing journey.

We can assist with the entire production process. In addition, we arrange a secure purchasing process that meets the requirements, standards, regulations and specifications. These are the industries we conduct business in:


As a PCB supplier for the Automotive industry, PCB Connect acts following the requirements of the IATF 16949 and VDA standards. Thus we speak the same language with all the customers we serve.

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PCB Connect has the knowledgeable and specialised technical staff to help design and produce exceptional printed circuit boards within the medical industry. We can advise on several topics, including; materials, finishes, UL, technical possibilities and much more.

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Circuit board background of computer motherboard with magnifier circle at the center and light spots reflections.


Printed circuit boards are everywhere in our technology-based society. From computers to medical equipment to automobiles, there are PCB’s in one form or another. No PCB’s are the same; they all have different designs and the materials used have unique purposes for the lighting industry.